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Induction Workplace Ethics – Online


Sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace have devastating and profound effects on individuals. Workplace sexual harassment also undermines productivity and imposes a high economic cost on Australian society.

The impact of workplace sexual harassment is not only limited to individual victims but extends to their families, friends, bystanders and co-workers.

Sexual harassment also represents a high cost to Australian employers through:

      • lost productivity
      • staff turnover
      • negative impact on workplace culture
      • resources associated with responding to complaints, litigation and workers’ compensation
      • reputational damage.

Our carefully curated series of induction videos and training complements your existing onboarding process. Easy to understand, easy to navigate makes this training an integral part of any organisation. 

Not only is induction necessary, but in conjunction with the Culture 101 workshops, your organisation can deliver an impactful solution to workplace safety.

Need a customised solution? At Culture 101 we’re here to help you in whatever capacity you require. Our customised solutions are based on industry best practice and working together to achieve a common goal is our primary focus.