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“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept”

Name: Becky Felstead

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate, Former Fly in Fly out (FIFO) Mining Professional, Mental Health Advocate and speaker, Host of The Resource Podcast & Founder of Quit Your Bitching Empowerment Events.


As a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Becky has not only traversed the challenging landscape of the Fly in Fly out (FIFO) mining industry but has also emerged as a compelling voice for change. With a background in FIFO mining starting in November 2019, hospitality, corporate and media, Becky has experienced firsthand the complexities of workplace culture and the urgent need for fostering environments that inspire respect and mental health awareness. 

Having spent 5 years  in the demanding FIFO sector, 7 years in the wellness industry and 5 years in corporate, 5 years in media, Becky witnessed and navigated through various incidents of harassment, discrimination, and a pervasive culture that demanded a critical shift. Undeterred by the challenges, Becky took a stand, advocating for change within these industries and beyond.

In June 2021, inspired by the need for a collective conversation on sexual harassment in the workplace, Becky launched The Resource Podcast. This platform brings together professionals, psychologists, HR managers, and individuals from various sectors to share experiences and knowledge, aiming to be the comprehensive resource that was lacking.

Becky  is not just a speaker but a catalyst for change, pushing boundaries to create workplaces where diversity is celebrated, and every individual feels respected and valued. Their commitment extends beyond words, evident in their efforts to raise awareness globally and drive actionable steps towards a more inclusive future.

Available as:

Speaker: Becky is a dynamic speaker with the ability to connect with diverse audiences, drawing from personal experiences to inspire change in workplace cultures. The keynote, “Inspiring Respect,” delves into the challenges faced in the FIFO industry and offers practical steps towards fostering diversity and inclusion.

Master of Ceremonies (MC): Becky brings energy, empathy, and a deep understanding of diversity and inclusion to any event. As an MC, they ensure a seamless and engaging experience, guiding audiences through impactful discussions and creating an atmosphere of inclusivity.

Panel Guest:Becky  is a valuable addition to panel discussions, offering unique insights into workplace culture, diversity, and the importance of inclusion. Their ability to navigate sensitive topics and encourage open dialogue makes Becky  an asset to any panel addressing these crucial issues.

Becky is committed to being a catalyst for change, contributing to the ongoing conversation about creating workplaces where everyone feels respected and valued.

  • Constructive conversation starter – Empowerment coach
  • advocate Podcaster
  • Real & raw speaker
  • Mental health advocate
  • Coach – Diversity & Inclusion
  • Educator.