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Australia +61 404 218 823

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Time 9-5pm Mon-Fri


Workshops are an integral part of educating and delivering values aligned content to both management and your broader team. You can maximise the learnings by coupling our ‘Online Induction’ videos with ongoing workshops throughout the year. Remember, ongoing training and awareness program deliver a profoundly more impactful result over time. 

Culture 101 delivers 4 Key Workshops

  • Workplace Culture 101
  • Culture 101: Bystander v Upstander
  • Culture 101 Values: Consent & Boundaries
  • Culture 101 Custom – HR, Team Leaders – Customising the way you work.

Why do you need workshops?

Sexual harrasment and bullying in the workplace is a complex issue. Everyone you speak to agrees there is no place for this in today’s workplace. We are the product of our ancestors, and sometimes we just need to know the basics.

  • What is the right behaviour
  • Who is responsible
  • With more knowledge, we become more powerful to not accept inappropriate behaviour
  • With the right knowledge we remove fear
  • Simply ignoring things won’t make the problem disappear

The Solution is to activate a learning program that enables your workforce to be empowered, to be the voice of acceptable workplace behaviour and to encourage a values aligned organisation. 

The results will astound you!

  • More confident
  • More informed
  • More SAFE
  • Higher employee retention
  • More clarity
  • Better conversations
  • Better behaviour

Online Induction Training & Workshop packages available.