About Us

About Us

Induction Training

Online Induction Courses coupled with ongoing workshops and training.

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Workshops & In-house Training:

Half-day and full-day workshops

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Resources: Content & Discussions. Podcast: The Resource by Becky Felstead 

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Why Choose Us

We are on a mission to establish best practice workplace culture, especially regarding sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. By working together, we strive for a future where we become redundant – i.e. a workplace where no sexual harassment and bullying occurs. Join us on our journey to educate, create awareness, and be brave enough to have difficult conversations to change the culture in the workplace for the Culture 101.

Who we are

Our Why

We are all aware of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, and we all know we must do something today to change the behaviour! We are a purpose-driven organisation that creates education and awareness programmes around sexual harassment, abuse and bullying in the workplace. Our mission is to empower people to create workplaces where we ALL feel safe, valued and inclusive, without judgement on gender, race, beliefs or age. Together we can change generational thinking to better our world.

That’s our why!

Our Vision

To educate and collaboratively work with organisations and their people to absolve society of sexual harassment, assault and abuse.

Our Mission

We will collaboratively work with all stakeholders in creating a society and work culture to ensure everyone is safe, respected and valued.

How we work together

Culture 101 collaboratively creates preemptive and preventive education and awareness programs on workplace ethics through workshops, lunch & learn programs, online induction courses and ongoing training. It results in creating a workforce of inclusion, safety and awareness.


Becky Felstead

Becky Felstead

Managing Director & Head Facilitator, UK & Australia

Phillip Bouwman

Phillip Bouwman

Business Relations, UK & Australia